Human Nature The Way God Planned It

Psychology in Business and MinistryPsychology in Business and MinistryThe Blessing Code

Curriculum for This Course

1 Psychology in Business and Ministry Study Course

Lectures Available For This Course

The Creation and Nature of Man

Lecture No 1. In the Beginning
Lecture No 2. The Creation of Man
Lecture No 3. Spirit, Soul and Body
Lecture No 4. Walking in the Spirit Versus the Flesh

Human Temperaments

Lecture No 5. Why the Soul is So Important
Lecture No 6. How to Identify Temperaments
Lecture No 7. The Temperaments in More Detail
Lecture No 8. Temperaments and Marriage

The Importance of Change

Lecture No 9. Weaknesses of Each Temperament
Lecture No 10. Strengths of Each Temperament
Lecture No 11. How Temperaments Work in Business

Changing Business Habits

Lecture No 12. Dealing With Performance Orientation
Lecture No 13. Dealing With Parental Inversion
Lecture No 14. Dealing With Templates and Habits

Blessing Code Study Course

Lectures Available For This Course

The Story Unfolds

Lecture No 1. Chapter 01 - The Call
Lecture No 2. Chapter 02 - The Reading
Lecture No 3. Chapter 03 - The Letter

Spiritual Foundations

Lecture No 4. Chapter 04 - A Message from God
Lecture No 5. Chapter 05 - Finding True Acceptance
Lecture No 6. Chapter 06 - The Turning Point
Lecture No 7. Chapter 07 - The Pillars of Success

Dealing With The Soul

Lecture No 8. Chapter 08 - Renewing the Mind
Lecture No 9. Chapter 09 - Building a New Image
Lecture No 10. Chapter 10 - Changing Habits

Dealing With The Spirit

Lecture No 11. Chapter 11 - Developing Intuition
Lecture No 12. Chapter 12 - Communion and Fellowship

Dealing With The Body

Lecture No 13. Chapter 13 - The Desires of the Flesh
Lecture No 14. Chapter 14 - Bringing the Body in Line

The Results of Walking in Blessing

Lecture No 15. Chapter 15 - Back in the Flow
Lecture No 16. Chapter 16 - The Countdown Begins

Human Nature Gods Way

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